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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tool # 9

  1. As with any lesson plan the tool used for products or instruction should enable the child to understand the concept being taught and help the student synthesize the information. We have a vast amount of technology available to use that enhances our teaching and engages the students. Students must see the technology as another tool for learning.
  2. Students must be held accountable in any activity the participate in because each activity teachers plan is used to increase learning and promote success.
          has some great video clips, a quick way for the students to observe different animals and write their observations. Student can be held accountable by reflecting in  a journal or blogging. Both sites can be used as a focus at the beginning of a lesson, in a center for review, or as a resource.    a great way to start  synchronous projects. Students love competing with other children around the world. Students can be held responsible by recording their sessions in their math spirals.
  4. ABC Cursive, iLearn Solar System , and BrainPop are great apps. iLearn and BrainPop stations enable the students to learn at their own pace and to research self generated questions. The cursive station enables students to work at their own pace. Technology stations look like all other stations: there are directions for use and care of materials, directions for the task, objective for the outcome of the task, and a way to record learning.
  5. Socrative is a great way to use both devices. Teachers/students can generate questions to research and respond to. Videos enable students to document their learning, record readers theater, science labs. Teachers can set up Skype with other classrooms so that students can observe and participate in lessons that re-mediate or challenge.

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