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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tool 8

I am so excited to get more devices for our classrooms. Technology is a huge part of instruction and independent work. Having more equipment will definitely motivate the students.
Two things I've learned about the devices are they will need to be on the cart at specific times so the district can adjust configurations. Also we need to sync the devices to our laptops. Last the students must learn another way to sign in. 
Ways to implement our new technology tools:
   Reading workstation: students can access ebooks, use interactive reading sites, and Odyssey
   Math workstations
   Students can use iPAD and Mini Dells to create technology based products for learning menus
   Can be used as a research station 
    App for cursive writing- station for handwriting practice.
    Science workstation to visit interactive science websites.
    Dictate stories or answers to questions (modifications)
    Record independent reading
   Make short videos that teach content
   Join one of the global collaborative projects and work during centers
  Create a global collaborative project
   Make instructional videos on classroom units
Managing the devices will be the same as all other workstations. Students and parents will sign the release form then follow the directions for use. The devices will be workstations with specific rules for use and putting devices up;

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