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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tool #10

1.Of the three things I want students to understand about digital citizenship is that safety is the most important aspect of going out on the web. Therefore they must know how to keep the personal information secure. Next I will make sure they are responsible, considerate and civil in their communications. The last thing is being able to validate information. Students must be taught that internet sources are not equal and they should not believe what they read until they have evaluated the source of the site.
2. I have uses the videos on Atomic Leaning and will continue to use them.
3.In order to teach digital citizenship to my students I will use the lessons on our library page, Atomic Learning, Easy Tech, and Brainpop. I will begin by brainstorming what students think D.C. is then watch brainpop. After that we would list things we think might cause problems when we use technology. We would then look at our district's materials. I would end with lessons on identifying reliable resources.
4. For parents I will include a short lesson during curriculum night.

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  1. Great idea to use curriculum night for educating parents about digital safety and citizenship. You'll never have a larger audience throughout the year!