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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tool #2 Personal Learning Networks

Personal Learning Networks  promise to be a wonderful tool to use with other teachers when sharing. I like being able connect to other's ideas. Blogging is easy and the blogs I visited were interesting. I like the Google Reader, I loved how organized the bookmarks were. I created classroom blogs back in 2009 but really did not enjoy looking for blogs to read. Many of the kids in my class lost interest in our classroom blog when they realized how long it took them to type in their comments. I hope to find sites to learn from and organize with my Google Reader account. I need to remember to post my questions in order to get feedback from other readers. I  take more time to organize my thoughts when I blog. I do feel that sharing this way is less personal then meeting with my team or other people.

Tool # 1Blog and Voki

The district has made setting up a blog quite easy, it only took about 10 minutes. The Voki was a lot of fun, it reminds me a lot of creating an avatar. The Voki could be used to give oral directions for children to complete on a blog. The blog can be used as a way for students to respond to reading or participate in book clubs. I always enjoy creating new blogs.